Clean | simple and clutter free + environmentally friendly

Clear | approachable language + solid communication

Current | fresh ideas that work today + timeless design

ARX is an architecture practice putting clients first and designing projects across the Triangle.

| We design living areas that pull friends and family together just the way you love to entertain.

| We create private spaces that combine the elements you need to get away from the world.

| We arrange bathrooms that match your desire for luxury and your need for efficiency.

| We organize your storage with space for the stuff you need but don't want to have to look at.

| We lay out kitchens so well that they feel like you have a sous chef.

The result of our collaborative design process is a space that works perfectly for you.

Sometimes we help people design dream homes from scratch. We take all the pieces of ideas they bring and turn them into one, whole and cohesive home.

Other times, we strategically expand or carve out spaces to upgrade the function of existing homes."

We believe in the importance of preserving resources, including the established neighborhoods of this area. I enjoy working with homeowners to unlock the possibilities within existing houses so they can work for another season of life and stay part of thriving neighborhoods.

Thank you for the kind words.

"Matthew has one of the rarest qualities in a professional of any discipline, the ability to listen. Matthew and his team...listened to our ideas, which admittedly were not always good...or in our best interest. Matthew had the ability to pull...the essentials of what we were trying to achieve with the way we lived our lives and enjoyed our family, to achieve a design that supported the goals underlying our words. He went beyond what we were asking for to find what we truly wanted."

Neil H. | Home Owner, Amazing Dad and Doctor

"Matthew Szymanski was an exceptional architect who we worked with in the revamping our out little old ranch into the show piece home we wanted. We bought our home when we had no kids. A decade and three kids later we...wanted to stay in the neighborhood...but the house...had to change. We...immediately knew that Matthew was the right person to work with. He listened to our wishes and needs and added incredible ideas to transform the dark 3-bedroom ranch into a gorgeous 6-bedroom home with room for the kids, floor to ceiling windows, a breath-taking staircase and views of Chapel Hill, all while being respectful to the neighborhood and the natural space around our home."

Lisa M. | Home Owner, Super Mom and Art Collector

"Matthew was easy to work with, knowledgeable, efficient and intuitive. My home design underwent a number of iterations; during the process Matthew consistently and quickly came up with good solutions to difficult problems. He also was excellent at steering me toward design solutions that would work from my own idiosyncrasies but would also maintain the value of my house in the general marketplace."

Ken G. | Home Owner, Pianist and Music Patron

Our Process

Your goals are our goals.

| Work with us.

| We make you part of the team from the beginning.

| We keep things simple, clean, and clear in our designs and processes.

| We bring the builder in early to sidestep surprises in pricing and construction.

The Overview | We believe in forming a full team early in the project. First, we determine the most effective and enjoyable ways to communicate with you. Then, we pull your builder into the process as early as possible. This creates a team that can set achievable expectations and sidestep surprises. Involving the contractor in preliminary phases also provides pricing in time to ensure that you are applying your resources to the greatest project priorities.

Schematic Design | Talking, sketching, looking at images, listing goals

We always begin with a conversation. We listen to your hopes for the project, look at photos you have collected, and discuss what type of space you are seeking. With your feedback in hand we will create a range of simple sketches. These are starting points that help us determine the design direction you want to pursue. Continual communication brings us to a design that suits your needs. At this point the drawings are ready to get initial feedback from builders.

Design Development | Selecting materials and finalizing details

Once the basic design is established, we work through the details. We use three dimensional software that makes it easier for you to visualize your new space. We determine material choices and lay out spaces for the structural/mechanical systems. We check in with the installers and trades to make sure everything works together. We can take the lead on fixture and finish selections or we can provide you with the resources to take this on.

Construction Documents | Completing the paperwork that will get your project across the finish line

Arx is equipped to handle your project down to the last detail. The construction documents will: allow for permits applications, facilitate financing, and covey the information and detailing needed for construction.

Construction Administration | Working with your builder to keep things moving

We stay accessible to your builder through the design process so that we can help develop creative solutions to any situation that arise during the build. We prioritize your builder's questions to ensure there are no unnecessary construction delays.

Our Team

MATT | Founding Architect

ALLYSON | Project Designer

SEAN | Intern

Matthew Szymanski, AIA | Architect, Owner

Matthew is an architect with over 20 years of experience working in the design & construction industry in the Triangle. He has focused on residential architecture & small commercial projects. Matthew is most known for listening well, creatively solving the problems, and maximizing the potential of spaces. He endeavors to start each project by building a team of the stakeholders.

"We make places. We help people create spaces to live, work, rest, recharge, get away, or host a crowd. A well-designed space draws you in, makes you glad to be there, and leaves you remembering that feeling when you leave."

Matthew has done extensive work with community outreach programs like SPARKcon, Neighbor2Neighbor, and Habitat for Humanity that promote the positive impact of good design. He is a past-president of the American Institute of Architects, Triangle Chapter and continues to pour into the next generation of Triangle architects.

In his free time: Matthew enjoys travel, art, hiking, double spacing after periods, oxford commas, and building furniture.

Allyson Tomasello | Project Designer

Allyson is an innovative and award winning designer who loves to focus on getting the details right. She is a mother of three amazing kids and blends her life experience into making beautiful spaces that function well. She loves designing homes that reflect the character and needs of the people living inside. She uses Revit and a sense of humor to forge design ideas that blend form and function.

“Great spaces affect our everyday lives. Our homes shape our time together. They need to have a style but also functionality related to the people."

In her free time: Allyson finds and tackles improvement projects in her own home or those of her friends. She also likes quality time with her dogs, crime shows, and laundry.

Sean Pike | Intern

Sean is a masters student and past graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Environmental Design with an emphasis in Architecture. He has done very interesting work with CEDaR on the issue of sustainability in the communities of mobile home parks, with the intent of bettering the livability and the reducing the environmental risk of these communities within Boulder County."

"I'm interested in flood water control, environmental climate change, and how spaces impact the people within them. I'm ready to jump into residential architecture and construction. I like to create the models and drawings that help people visualize their projects."

In his free time: Sean enjoys volleyball, trail running, and classical music.

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What is an Arx?

An arx is a strong, simple, one-room tower that served multiple uses and required little maintenance. This flexibility and ease of use is something we strive for in every design.

Arx is the Latin root word for architecture so.... shorthand for what we do every day.

We like our designs and our design process to be clear, simple, and clean but heavy in impact and lasting results.