Your goals are our goals.

| Work with us.

| We make you part of the team from the beginning.

| We keep things simple, clean, and clear in our designs and processes.

| We bring the builder in early to sidestep surprises in pricing and construction.

The Overview | We believe in forming a full team early in the project. First, we determine the most effective and enjoyable ways to communicate with you. Then, we pull your builder into the process as early as possible. This creates a team that can set achievable expectations and sidestep surprises. Involving the contractor in preliminary phases also provides pricing in time to ensure that you are applying your resources to the greatest project priorities.

Schematic Design | Talking, sketching, looking at images, listing goals

We always begin with a conversation. We listen to your hopes for the project, look at photos you have collected, and discuss what type of space you are seeking. With your feedback in hand we will create a range of simple sketches. These are starting points that help us determine the design direction you want to pursue. Continual communication brings us to a design that suits your needs. At this point the drawings are ready to get initial feedback from builders.

Design Development | Selecting materials and finalizing details

Once the basic design is established, we work through the details. We use three dimensional software that makes it easier for you to visualize your new space. We determine material choices and lay out spaces for the structural/mechanical systems. We check in with the installers and trades to make sure everything works together. We can take the lead on fixture and finish selections or we can provide you with the resources to take this on.

Construction Documents | Completing the paperwork that will get your project across the finish line

Arx is equipped to handle your project down to the last detail. The construction documents will: allow for permits applications, facilitate financing, and covey the information and detailing needed for construction.

Construction Administration | Working with your builder to keep things moving

We stay accessible to your builder through the design process so that we can help develop creative solutions to any situation that arise during the build. We prioritize your builder's questions to ensure there are no unnecessary construction delays.